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Types of Fencing

Which Type of Fence?

Choosing the best fence for your property is sometimes a tough decision to make. With the wide variety of fences available in the building industry, we want you to choose the solution that will match your home’s architectural appeal.

The Manchester Fencing Pro has a wide variety  to offer. We know that adding a fence is an added expense to your investment. Since they offer huge benefits, our product lines will totally give your money its value.


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Fence types are made of different materials. Property owners often select the fence for functional purposes rather than aesthetics. Fencing provides better security for your property. 

Below are essential information to help you get the right build for your home. Choose the material or choose the style that will both serve its function and add curb appeal to your surroundings.

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Types of Fences

  1. Wrought iron fencing. Metal fences are fabricated to achieve the wrought iron design. The wrought iron-style is centuries old design but they are still useful today. All metal fences are strong, almost scratch free, don’t easily dent. Old metal is easy to restore. They can be hand scraped, brushed, and painted to achieve a new look.
  2. Aluminium fencing. May look like iron but aluminium fences are not wrought. They have hollow spaces inside which make them lightweight but durable. Can last for many years if properly maintained.
  3. Vinyl fencing. Vinyl are a good choice because they won’t crack (unless you punch them hard), split, or accumulate dirt to rot. They are safe against infestation, such as termites and fungus. They also come in a variety of colours, so you won’t need staining or painting to keep their beauty. Vinyl fences are resistant to fire and easy to clean, with water.
  4. PVC fencing. Basically made of plastic, PVC is a popular choice because it is more affordable than the rest of the other fencing materials. PVCs often replace picket fences or stake and they emulate the style of wood. While wood is a sturdier material, PVCs are good enough to solve your solution by serving a border for your property’s security.
  5. Wood fencing. Fences made of wood come from lumber. With wood, you can come up with a well-built perimiter with styles you can think of on your own. The wood material can come from various types of hardwoods and tree species, like cedar and redwood. To maintain its rustic appeal, wood fences should be well maintained, treated to avoid growth of moulds and fungus and termite attacks. The best wood timbers are treated and painted yearly.


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Other fence types are bamboo, farm fence, or chain link fence. Farm fencing is more commonly used in land pastures for grazing animals and covers a wide area of land. Farm fencing is made of woven wire fence and can be galvanized to protect the wire from rusting, Wire fencing comes with barbed wire on top for added protection.

For chain link fencing, this type is often used in large facilities, warehouse, or any commercial site that needs ultimate protection. Chain link fencing is enhanced with electrical features to keep intruders away, especially for high-end facilities that store valuable items.

If you want to learn more about the types of fencing, their pros and cons, and pricing, our team in Manchester will assist you. We will discuss what type of fence you prefer for your privacy and security, and we will find that matches your property.

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