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Gate Installation

Gate Installers in Manchester

The Manchester Fencing Pro also serves customers looking for quality gates, barriers, and installation of the same using different gate materials: iron, wood, PVC, and vinyl.

For iron gates, we have hundreds of fabricating designs made by our expert blacksmiths, either galvanised, powder coated, or painted. The same with wooden gates, we offer high-quality wood materials and timber from fine wood trees.


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We convert your entrance the way you want them to be, whether it is for driveways, garden (along with fencing), park, farm, wide-area commercial industries and facilities, or estate.

Modern gates offer advanced features for added security and protection. We have gates with electronic controls so you won’t find the need to alert your family members to open the gate for you. These automated gates are fitted to provide convenience when entering your premises by just using digital controls on a keypad for your electronically designed gate.

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After your gate installation, we also handle gate repairs and maintenance and provide gate accessories supply. Some gates go along with CCTVs, especially those automated gates that are more sophisticated when it comes to functionality.

Our full installation service applies to all gate types according to function:

  • Sliding gates
  • Manual gates
  • Electric gates
  • Double driveway gates

We believe that gate installation is not the end of the road. The more you have ventured in adding a security barrier in gates, the more you need to maintain these barriers to keep your property safe at all times.

Just like fences, no matter what materials are employed upon installation, they are capable of damage due to wear and tear, even so with harsh weather. So choose the gate that is appropriate to your location.

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As for Manchester gates, we serve this area and nearby places. We are an established fencing company and we deliver the best fencing and gate solutions to the residents we serve.

You can approach our staff with regards to gate accessories and supplies. As we have commenced your gate project, it is only relevant if you can come up with fencing solutions to save more.

Our database and gallery on iron and wooden gates for the past clients will give you the inspiration to choose your favoured gate design.

Begin your gate installation with us and enjoy our reasonable pricing combined with excellent workmanship. Reach to our office and our sales team if you have more concerns about gate installation.