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Fencing Repair

Fencing Repairs in Manchester

Our professionals will work on your fence, we’ll look for the best way to restore the fence installed even if it has been on your premises for many years. Whether it needs maintenance or replacement, we will provide the best recommendation. You can rely on our installers to deliver the quality of workmanship you are expecting from the pros.


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Most homes install fences to keep their loved ones safe, including their pets and properties, but fences can also be good investments to add value to your existing property. If you already have a fence installed, call our experts for fence repairs and maintenance.

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We keep your fence the most functional that you can depend on for many years to come. Our solution to your overly damaged fence is intense repair or replacement. With periodic maintenance, yours will be as stable as you expect it to be.


What to do during repair:

  • Weeds and rock debris might clutter the base of your fence. Have these clutter removed to maintain the fence’s stability and to protect it from rust.
  • Wood fences are prone to mould and fungus and termite attack. Have the wood  treated, stained, and painted to keep its pristine look.
  • Wood fences should not touch the soil or ground to keep them away from infestation.
  • Have exterminators inspect it for possible rot and damage.
  • Wrought iron fences need to be scrubbed and repainted.
  • Aluminium and vinyl only need water and soap to keep them clean.

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When things get tough, you need the help of experts to remove or repair broken fences. For example, if you have a fence made of wood, the tendency is for the panels or post to get rotten due to heat, rain, and termites. Determine the panels that are infected. If they are irreparable, you have to select those panels or post and have them replaced with new ones so that the damaged parts would not infect the others.

Ask for our handy guide on how to replace damaged wooden fence panels.

On safety

Working on fences can be a DIY project. If you think you can handle fencing repair, take note of the following:

  • Use the necessary tools before you begin the repair
  • Always wear protective gear
  • When using concrete, don’t let cement dry on your skin
  • Rinse concrete immediately after using your tools as cement will permanently adhere to the tools
If you have other concerns on how to maintain or repair your already installed fence, call our repair team of builders who will visit your site.

The Manchester Fencing Pro ensures that your fences are maintained by the right people. As part of your home improvement plan, fence repair should only be handled by skilled fence installers.

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