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Fencing Installation

Fence Installers in Manchester

We are ready to provide you an expert service in all aspects of fencing installations – This is our speciality – We have the skills – We have the experience.

Please don’t go any further until you have spoken to our friendly contractors who are ready to help find a solution that fits your budget.


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Fitters of fine fencing!

There are certain things in life that cannot just be bought by money. Though you have to literally spend money to have it or get it done, appreciating the beauty of your property is one of the most endearing moments in life.

When you want to add a fence to your already appealing home, the aesthetics behind a neatly built property is priceless especially when the fence installed perfectly matched your home’s exterior design.

Fences are good investments because they serve to protect your loved ones and property. If you are considering a fence addition to your premises, The Manchester Fencing Pro is here to offer our installation services.

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Our professional installers and building contractors will work on your fence project if you allow us to. You can depend on our clientele database to prove if we are worthy to commence building your choice of fence now.

Manchester Fencing Pro will do the following:

  1. Schedule an onsite visit based on your phone or online query. Once the schedule is set, our team will visit your home and conduct a free consultation. Prior to the visit, our staff will confirm the date by calling you days before the visit. Over the phone, our staff will gather information about your fencing requirements.
  2. On-site consultation. Our project specialists will inspect your site and will further discuss your fencing needs. They will check the materials needed and the appropriate fence type for your property. Questions will be answered for onsite, including budget, size, and type, so that a quotation can be prepared. Building codes and permits will be secured to follow local requirements. Once the quotation is submitted and an agreement has been met, our contractors will proceed to the next step.
  3. Installation. Our team will proceed to your place bringing all the materials and equipment necessary to build your fence. While all is set, you sit down, relax, and watch our fence installers put up your fencing project from start to finish. We assure you that we are bringing the skilled people for the job, and that our top-of-the-line products will enhance your outdoor living for many years to come.

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 Manchester Fencing Pro wasn’t established because we can’t provide the fencing projects for your home or business. The quotation we gave you includes pricing for materials, labour, and warranties.

We have the type of fence for every size of budget:

  1. Chain link—functional and affordable and covers wide perimeters; best for keeping pets and other animals (poultry) on the farm.
  2. Vinyl—highly durable but low in maintenance.
  3. Wood—needs treatment and there’s a wide variety of wood (timber) choices. Versatile in aesthetic appeal. Maintenance is dependent on the type of wood treatment.
  4. Wrought iron—sophisticated, extremely durable, and expensive. Wrought iron is premade and delivered on site to install. Needs annual repainting and scrubbing.
  5. PVC—lightweight, emulates wood and other materials, easy to clean, impervious to rot.

We also provide all fencing accessories you may like for the job.

To know more about fencing installation, ask our experts. Whether you already have one installed, and you want to replace it with another type, our fence contractors will settle the matter with you. We can reassess your site, and recommend the best fence for you.

Manchester Fencing Pro ensures that your fences are maintained by the right people. As part of your home improvement plan, fence installation, repair, and maintenance should only be handled by skilled fence installers.

Reach out to us and get your no-obligation quote!