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Fencing Accessories

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Spice up your front yard fence with these fabulous fencing accessories and  post elements. The possibilities to enhance your newly built fence, or even an old one, refurbished, and redecorated, are endless.


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Take advantage of the diversity it can bring you. Given that fences provides a literal form of privacy to protect your pets from running away. Or toddlers to roam around, stopping strangers from barging in, or just keep properties in these enclosures. Home owners are becoming more reflective of design and appeal of their fencing projects.

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Fence posts tops

  • Flat top
  • Mansard
  • Decorative wood
  • Hipped top
  • Plant potters—the best way of adding visual appeal especially if you have a garden.
  • Lamp post—Lighting element best for brick fence posts with sturdy cement foundation. This also adds illumination during the night, spreading to the entire perimeter. Every post is recommended to have a lamp.

Bottom rail

A bottom rail refers to the part of the fence framework that runs across the fence’s bottom edge.

Fence ties

Fence ties that serve to attach chain link fence to the line post.

Frame hinge

A frame hinge is commonly used in gate posts to allow the gate to swing open or close.

Line post cap

A top cover that fits a specific post.

Wedge support spike for fence posts

A metal spike support for erecting all types of fences made of wood. Supports the wooden post above the ground and protects the base from any form of damage.

Fence bracket

Metal L-shaped brackets to attach wooden fence panels to posts. With holes for screws to drill on.

Fence clips

A variant of metal brackets, fence clips act as securing fence panels or trellis to wooden posts.

Fence post support driving tool

Hammered to the ground and used to protect the fence post support.

Fence lock

Made and designed to hold fence panels in place. If you want your fence panels to keep together, fence locks are perfect to prevent the panels from cracking or falling. Can be used as end or centre fitting. With fence locks, your fence will be strong enough to endure weather.

Tension bar

A tension bar is used in chain link fences to protect the chain link fabric from bending. It also serves as a support or framework for the dimension of the chain link fence to reduce pressure and minimise damage to the fence panel/fabric.

The more diverse your fencing project is, the more fencing accessories have to be introduced. For more detailed explanation of these accessories and those not included in this list, let our team help you find the tools you need for your fencing project. More than anything, you need the help of our expert fence installers.

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