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Fencing Posts

Fence Posts in Manchester

In every fence you build, have you thought how they stand? Like gates and other vertical structures, fences require posts in order to stand. And it is not universal. For every fence type, there is a corresponding post that will match the integrity of the fence build.

When you’re building a gate and fence combination, such configuration will require careful examination by installers as they will check the terrain to which the fence will crawl upon.



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Posts are the framework of all kinds of fences. Common types of fences are wood, PVC, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminium, and chain link. So, if you are planning to add a fence to your property in Manchester or its surrounding areas, call our team to show you the variety of fence posts to choose from.

End posts

As the name suggests, end posts are placed at the end of the line. Only one hole is dug for the post, and the rail fence is attached to this post. It serves as a terminal post where other fence accessories can be attached, e.g., tension wire or barbed wire.

Line posts

In contrast to end posts, line posts have holes on every side, unless you have the spit-type railing fence. On a straight fence sectioning, line posts serve as foundation to connect every fence panel, that is, if you are using panels that serve as partitions. The number of line posts depends on the number of panels to use. But if the fences will divert, you have to dig large holes for the angles.

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Corner posts

If the angles of fence panels go 90 degrees, place corner posts on pre-dug holes. The difference with line posts is that these posts serve as meeting points for wide angular turns.

Blank posts

Blank posts are customisable posts and are often used for gates. 

Types of fence posts based on material type:

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Types of fence posts based on material type:

  1. Metal posts—these posts are made of steel and are used to support fences of the same type. They also serve as good support when attaching wires or mesh. Metal posts are permanent types of posts as they are solid and highly durable. With their robustness, they are ideal for uneven land. Steel posts should be coated or galvanised to protect them against rusting.
  2. Wooden posts—Wood fencing is an ideal fencing solution for most homes. But choosing the best wood type is vital to its longevity. The same point goes with wooden posts. Though the posts may require a thicker wood, they should also be treated to protect them from premature damage brought by moisture, fungi, moss, and termites, and any destructive living matter coming from the soil.
  3. Vinyl posts—Some vinyl fences and posts turn yellow from heat and rain. They also get brittle in time. However, vinyl material on posts and fences are relatively recommended today because they are durable and offer a variety of designs. With proper maintenance, vinyl posts are good support of the same fence quality, even with a little more expensive than others.
  4. Aluminum posts—Lighter than a steel post, aluminum makes good as a solid support for your fence. They can be painted to maintain their integrity and require little maintenance.
  5. Brick and concrete—Naturally made from cement and brick, these posts are highly durable and may look fabulous with the brick and stone style. With brick posts, the center is made of cement while the exterior is paved with bricks.
  6. PVC/Composite—Lightweight but durable, low in maintenance, and more affordable. If you are looking for functionality and affordability, then PVC posts are a good choice.

Before you go out and install an enclosure to provide a barrier to your property in the move to protect animals, pets, equipment, and people, find the most appropriate fencing and posts that match your needs.

Fences, no matter what type you choose, have always been the way to bring privacy to your home. They are also a means to keep strangers away and to protect your garden if you are tending colourful flowers and ornamentals plants in your lawn.

Contact our team if you have plans on putting up a fence to your property. We will help you sort  out details on pricing, feasibility, local government permits, and other relevant information you need for this project. 

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